aneysa + william | beloved

Aneysa and William’s love is complete sweetness. From the first moment I met them I was completely smitten with the beautiful combination of humility, kindness and laughter that flows out of each of them. When they are together it is all giggles and sweetness and being the one to capture that for them is such a privilege.

kezia + jeremy | beloved

I had such an incredible afternoon with Kezia and Jeremy a few weeks ago. We met on a gorgeous day and they proceeded to take me to all their favourite spots around Sydney. What really struck me as I spent time with them is the absolute adoration with which they look at each other. Everyone should have someone in their lives that looks at them they way these two look at each other. They have so much fun together and you can absolutely tell that they are so ready to begin their lives together as husband and wife.

jennifer + sam | beloved in paris, france

When a beloved engagement session that was meant to happen in Sydney, Australia ends up taking place in Paris, France you know without a doubt that it was meant to be. I can’t even begin to express what creating images like this means to me as a photographer, as a person! The entire experience becomes this moment in time that bonds you forever, creates memories like nothing else I can imagine. Memories of the most romantic image I have ever taken to my tired and grumpy 9 year old daughter waiting, rather impatiently, on the stairs as you photograph the Eiffel Tower at sunrise and everything in between.

Jennifer and Sam met me under the Eiffel Tower just after dawn in order to beat the crowds and summer heat. They arrived with sweet gifts of Ladurée macarons for my daughter (well they may have been for both of us but she ate them all) and a lock with my entire family’s names engraved on it for us to lock onto the Pont des Arts for ourselves. Such an incredibly touching gift that I won’t ever forget.

Like a magical dream we explored the city for hours, roaming the streets of Paris and making our way to the Eiffel Tower, Pont des Arts, the Jardin des Tuileries and Lourve with a little stop for a breakfast of pastries in between. It was so hard to stop and call it a day with such an amazing couple, in such a gorgeous city, in front of my camera.

Being busy has certainly kept me from sharing this session with you sooner, but more than that I felt no rush. Simply because these images are so precious to me. I wanted to keep this feeling of having something so special and beautiful to share with all of you as long as I could, but it’s definitely time you got to experience just a little piece of the magic that I did on this day.

by Leah

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